Teurope ’15: Comfy Packing!


So, it’s taken me about a week to actively acknowledge the difference between a ‘page post’ and a ‘blog post’ on Word Press. Up until now, there have been many, many situations where I’ve confused the two with soul-destroying effects. I’ve sat publishing page upon page of content deep into the night to only realise they were actually all in blog format (which I can’t do much with, portfolio-sense) and I’ve had to start all over again.

However, this is my first intended BLOG post and I am thrilled to be kicking it off with an introduction on what has been my favourite part of interrail planning so far:


Yes, I know. You must be thinking, “this materialistic princess should be most excited about the culture she’s going to consume on 27-day trek across central Europe – whether or not that’ll be in socks and sandals should be irrelevant.” Well, in a way, fashion is irrelevant to me – but not entirely. I want to pack light and be comfy, sweat loads and not wear restrictive bras (sorry kids). So, with only four weeks till lift off, I have decided that leggings, dresses and cardigans are the best way for me to do this.

Introducing... a month's worth of gear!
Introducing… a month’s worth of gear!

Before you misinterpret this, I am by no means a fashion blogger. I just want to share some little gems I believe will be beneficial to me when it comes to howking that rucksack from city to city.

There will be fashionistas a-plenty – who I’ll meet and probably hide from – who journey across the central belt of Europe in exquisite style suited to every culture from French dolly to Grecian mermaid. I am happy to admit that I would willingly kneel to kiss the [perfectly painted] toes of these people and commend them on their efforts. However, I have never been one for intricate styling myself.

Coming to photobomb in a town near you
Coming to photobomb in a city near you

I have chosen to travel predominantly in dresses. *Queue choir of protests related to chaffing*

I have two main reasons for this decision:

1. They are light, easy to roll (optimum practice to ensure garments take up minimal space in your bag) and they can be dressed up for night time with almost no effort at all. [This is a key theme, have you noticed?] Wedges + cute jewellery market finds = indie and ready to mingle

2. Dresses are flattering and hide a multitude of sins. What happens when you go swimming and have to jingle that jelly, you might ask? Dresses can be whipped off instantaneously. You’ll be under the water before anyone has the chance to digest last year’s Christmas roast still wobbling on your thighs!

In addition, dresses come in a sublime array of wild, weird and wonderful styles and patterns, further detracting from those overly-enthusiastic bingo wings that keep interrupting your conversations.

Further still, when life offers you an all-inclusive holiday for £500 or a month-long escapade for £280, the choice is almost self explanatory.

Similarly, when life gives you Primark leggings for £2.80, you’re going to buy one for each day of your trip. Goodbye chaffing worries, maximum comfort is taking over. I intend to wear leggings on the trains and on days when I’ve eaten too much food, allowing them to cuddle my limbs and reassure me that while I might not feel up to scratch, I still look very comfy. Cardigans are also my saving grace when I want to cover up, keep warm and show off my dress all at the same time. (Goodbye, Peter Storm jacket of 2009.)

63So, what am I putting this all in?

Well, I’d be letting the side down if for my first backpacking trip I didn’t have a, uh, backpack.

I  got mine in Mountain Warehouse for half price, which excited me more than you could imagine. I also bought some aqua shoes to protect my feet in the water, much to the delight of everyone I’ve shown. (They’re comfy, ALRIGHT?!)

And here ends the comfort aspect of my Europe trip. I am certain the rest will involve carrying a three tonne rucksack on my shoulders that I’ll have grown to hate 3 or 4 days in and blisters from the trainers I spent a fortune on so as to prevent blisters occurring.

But, I’m sure there’ll be smiles at every sight seeing opportunity available. 35 days to go!

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