Top Ten Finds on Airbnb

‘Top Ten Finds on Airbnb’ was published in Scotcampus in April 2015

The beauty of Airbnb is the simply sublime choice of property available for rent across all four corners of the world (don’t forget to check the How To Guide). With almost limitless choice and low prices, you’ll find yourself with a headache trying to decide how to narrow down your list. To help, here are just some of the most amazing finds.

A treehouse

Treehouse 1

Finally! A legitimate adult-sized treehouse! Situated in the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor, this Spanish beast is situated amongst beautiful wildlife in Andalusia. £23 a night grants you access to your private treehouse, communal showers, kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool and outdoor barbeque area. But above all, it can only be accessed via HANGING BRIDGE. Take. Me. Now.

A plane


So, you’ve thought about how you’re going to get to your tropical paradise – it’ll be via plane if you’re crossing a couple oceans, yeah? Well, why not actually stay in one?  You can holiday in a converted aeroplane in Gelderand, The Netherlands. For £273 per night, you have access to the entire aeroplane, including its top-flight facilities: a Jacuzzi, an infrared sauna room, three flat screen TVs, wireless internet and air con. You’ll also have the full control room at your disposal. But you won’t go anywhere; it’s static, sorry. Still cool though, right?

An Indian Palace


A room in this luxury Indian palace in Rajasthan costs a mere £90 per night. To put that into perspective, it typically costs £102 for a last minute room at the Premier Inn on a Saturday night. All suites are equipped with standard washers, dryers and TVs. The luxurious element comes from the leather chesterfield couches in every bedroom, the four poster king sized beds, marbled bathroom suites and the astoundingly beautiful lake.

Another treehouse…


This 1927-style treehouse looks like it’s been taken straight out of your imagination! With a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, porch and study, this cosy little escape sleeps up to two people under the gleaming sun of Los Angeles. It costs £73 per night and the owner of the cabin has warned that should she leave to travel for any reason, renters are asked to feed and look after her two gorgeous tabby cats. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

A castle 


This is a real-life ancient British castle, and you can rent the entire thing for just short of £11,000. But let’s not jump in too deep. A bedroom costs £95 per night to rent this Victorian giant in Kirkby Stephen. Every room is accented with rouge drapes and regal furnishings – some even have four-posters and fireplaces. Guests have access to the 15 acres of land as well as the huge daily breakfast feasts.

An igloo


If you’re like me and cannot contain your excitement at the prospect of weekend in an igloo for £43 a night, then look no further. This little frozen gem is situated in Austria amongst the freezing hills of Vorarlberg. The host has specified that it sleeps a maximum of four people, and dogs are allowed – but we’re not quite sure what to make of the “0.5 bathrooms”, A.K.A. a hole in the ground. Remember, don’t eat yellow snow…

An old school

School House

For £410 per night, ten people can rent this old school building for a mere £41 per head. Situated in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, this former school was built in 1927 and still boasts many of the original details. Guests have the whole house at their disposal including the kitchen’s cleaning utilities, studies and cinema. The house maintains a rustic feel throughout and has various cosy nooks and crannies to relax in.

A haunted house

Haunted House

You’ll yourself a brave soul after spending a night in St. Paul’s most mysterious home. Set in the United States, this haunted home sleeps two people for £23 per night. The hosts’ pride themselves in having a large courtyard, complete with gargoyles and other haunted sculptures. Despite being “haunted”, guests can rest safe in the knowledge that the hosts’ Doberman, Scorch, will guard the house while they sleep.

Another treehouse – safari style 

Safari Treehouse

The Bungalow Chiche is a fully furnished safari style treehouse perched upon a platform in a jungle three miles away from San Pancho, Mexico. It includes a rock shower and private swimming pool, not to mention it’s only a short walk away from a secluded white sand beach in the city centre.  The treehouse has the same hardiness to that of a tent’s, but the surrounding jungle is bug-free. And even if you weren’t entirely convinced, the hosts’ have provided mosquito nets above each of the beds.

A windmill


This Great British windmill has been converted into luxury accommodation for up to four people, and priced at £75 a night (or £1500 for an entire month).This regal home brings a whole new meaning to the classic ‘staycation’. Situated only 45 minutes away from Alton Towers in Croxton, it’s hard to believe how close you really are to the busyness of commercialism as you sunbathe on the second floor porch with views of the surrounding farmland as far as the eye can see. The windmill conversion also boasts an impressive wet room and en-suite bathroom.

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