What next?! Five Things to Try After Graduation

‘What next?! Five Things to Try After Graduation’ will be published in The Student Advertiser in June, 2015

Year after year of academic tuition has all been for a short few moments of glory119 upon a grand university stage. It rotates like a school assembly but it will feel like the BAFTAs. And if you’re anything similar to what I imagine myself to be like when this situation comes around, you’ll be spending the first few months of your academic liberation looking for the perfect pair of shoes to match your gown (and ambition).

With all this flustering over hairstyles, picture smiles and which two members out of your 12-strong family you’ll be giving Graduation tickets to, it’s easy to forget that beyond that final ridiculously long summer you need to have a plan sorted – a legit one.

And so, TSA have devised a list of sensible routes to take following graduation which will help you to elongate becoming an adult for that little bit longer.

  • Realise that your degree is completely irrelevant to the career you wish to take now and apply for a brand new qualification:

Sometimes, it’s only when you reach your dissertation year that you realise nothing you have looked at during university has enticed you enough to write a 8,000 word essay on it. The mere thought of taking your studies into a career you’ll need to work at for the rest of your days might just be the very thought which pushes you into deep, deep despair. So, start again while there’s still financial support available for you.

  1. Educate people around the world in something you know you are 100% competent in doing: speaking English

Learn how to teach English confidently and get the most prestigious recognition92 for doing it with a TEFL Certificate. TEFL provide resources that cater for every aspect of educating people in foreign countries, including offering members at least one new job opportunity a day once they have completed their course.

  1. Give a little back

93Why not devote a little of your summer time to making a child in a hospice smile? Very sick children are unlikely to have the same exciting experiences you did growing up, but there are charities in Scotland who are committed to ensuring poorly children enjoy their time here on earth as much as possible. The Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) are looking for enthusiastic, friendly and committed volunteers to join their volunteer force. CHAS have opportunities all over Scotland but in Glasgow they are currently recruiting volunteers for their Byers Road shop. With full training available, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun whilst doing your bit for charity. Seeing as you’ve now got the hours, why not donate the most valuable thing you can to help: your time.

  1. Graduate Internship

Many companies offer non-degree specific internships to graduates looking to experiment before committing to a career. John Lewis are amongst the companies91 doing this, offering paid graduate schemes to undergraduates as well as those already qualified. Graduate schemes are designed with long-term careers in mind. If you enjoy your experience with a company and demonstrate your abilities in a way which catches the eyes of your mentors, you may be invited to continue working for them at the closure of your internship.

  1. T is for Travelling

While spending Scotland’s annual day of summer at Ayr beach with an Equis ice-cream cone in hand, might just be at the peak of your cultural experiences for the whole year, why not put that petrol money towards an Interrail ticket. Interrail are a Holland-based organisation committed to giving Europeans as much opportunity for exploration at the cheapest price possible. Lasting up to 30 days – and depending on which ticket you buy – your purchase entitles you to travel between almost every country in Europe, all at a fraction of the price of a week-long all inclusive break.105

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