Go Caitlyn, It’s Your Birthday!

‘Go Caitlyn, It’s Your Birthday!’ was published in Cult Noise magazine in June, 2015

I, for one, am proud to exist in a generation where change is so graciously accepted, if not encouraged. There’s so many features in this day and age which make adulthood a progression people should strive towards. Long gone are the days of licking the wounds of adolescent regrets until we’re too old to even remember them; there is a life beyond 30, and I’m excited to embrace it. Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner did the once unthinkable, and sooner or later – you watch this space – everyone will be at it.

We’ve all read too many clichéd quotes that, generally, go along the lines of: “It’s amazing how much can change in a year…” Is it really? Try digesting two decades worth of social advancements in this day and age when it’s almost impossible for people to keep up with Apple alone, never mind who’s changing into what gender. The time has come for people of all composure to shine like a camp, glittery disco ball alongside homosexual, transgender and heterosexual beings alike. And I promise you, the close-minded black clouds of this sunny generation are the ones in the minority these days (neither party being right or wrong, I should add).

We have come so far from misunderstood Nadia Almada, the first transgender contestant and winner of Big Brother in 2004. Caitlyn’s status as a Jenner parent has a lot to do with why her decision has been so celebrated, as difficult as this might be to accept for those of us unfavourable towards celebrity culture. However, in the same instance, because of who she is, it has been that little bit more courageous of Jenner to have actually gone through with her dreams. I believe she deserves every praiseRomeo Beckham Quote Jolie that comes her way.

Here are some lessons Caitlyn – with a ‘C’ – has just taught us this week.

The diversity of human nature is electrifying.

Following the brave outputs of Caitlyn and other famous transgender faces, like Australian model Andreja Pejic, people have discovered a whole other side of human existence which has been here all along: we can be anything we want to be. This isn’t to suggest surgeons operate a ‘Build-a-Human’ scheme allowing you to reshape your body, only then will you be able to reach your potential fully – no. It means that we can identify ourselves however we like – man, woman, gay, and straight, bi-sexual, a-sexual, you name it – and not have to justify the decision.

We will no longer be defined by things that are not our fault.

People are screaming out not to be defined by their gender. Nowadays, modern thinking couldn’t be further away from favouring exclusively men – why? The world has realised that body parts are in no way a reflection of a person’s compassionate, academic or physical abilities. It’s extremely humbling that Caitlyn has no rush to go under the knife and physically embrace womanhood in its entirety just yet. It is a lesson to those among us who haste to conceal any evidence of previous lives lived in their body and reassures us all that we endure a mental journey to find freedom as well as a physical one.

Becoming who we are is not about who we love.

One of the biggest misconceptions I, among others, admittedly assumed to be the defining factor with Caitlyn was that her reason for transitioning was down to sexual orientation: a preferenceBarack Obama Tweet Caitlyn Jenner for men. This is not the case as during her gravity defying interview with Diane Sawyer, still as a man, she revealed that she was still attracted to women. The beauty of this modern day is that we as people are no longer limited to loving one kind of person in the same way we can all enjoy different kinds of music.

Look at the beautiful result when society decides to let people just be as they are. I am not a straight, white, female adolescent. I am a human being, just like Caitlyn: she just is, they just are and I just am.120

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