My comment in the Anne Frank Guestbook at the Secret Annex in Amsterdam

“After visiting this place – this shrine to a family’s hopes, doomed, by the reign of an oppression outith their control – and appreciate the normality of their situation which is, in ways, not too distant from our own, one cannot help but wonder what is happening right now that people of the future should remember.” – 28th June 2015

So, this happened in Amsterdam last week. I finally got to see the Anne Frank House on that rainy Sunday afternoon and it genuinely made my whole trip around the continent worthwhile. Ever since enduring another one of those primary school projects, I have found myself fascinated by the going on’s in WWII and the impact it had on the home front. However, this interest has generally included British families alone. I feel extremely lucky to have visited the humble hideaway of this precious group of people, whose youngest inmate has shaped humanity in more ways than one through the simple act of writing in a diary each day.

I feel as though my comment in the guestbook, made available for all entrants to the museum to sign upon departure, is a true reflection of my feelings toward this matter.

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