Knee deep in action: Strathallan Castle welcomes T in the Park!

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This summer Scotcampus Magazine were kind enough to send me over to T in the Park to do some reviews and feature writing. I spent two days inside the Media Village surrounded by professional journalists and photographers, all of us enjoying the free access to the VIP section (is this the real life?). Over the course of the weekend I carefully watched the established media working their magic behind the scenes at my first BIG event and I have learned so much that I will write a separate post on it later!

Here I am in the place I vowed to never end up, the coveted scene: T in the Park.

It’s not sunny – surprise, surprise – but I’ll tell you what, it’s absolutely buzzing!

As a writer for Scotcampus, I am committed to giving you an honest representation of my experiences. You needn’t worry. If this is terrible, you’ll know about it. Similarly, if the (non-existent) sun really does shine out of this festival’s bottom like everyone says so, guaranteed, you will know all about that as well.

I had one thought upon my arrival at the Festival’s new home in Strathallan: ‘I must be here early.’ And by early I mean early by the campers standard. Sure enough just beside the bus stop a couple hundred excitable day-passers were eagerly queued behind barriers that barely held them back. But the sparse sighting of a lone camper – semi-ready for the day in last night’s Union Jack pyjama bottoms with waist-up attire appropriate for a family lunch – confirmed that we in our clean flower crowns were possibly a little too eager to begin our day.

Making my way through the first really muddy patch of ground was testing. Thoughts of ‘that really rainy year’ in 2012 entered my mind – particularly the footage of the girls dive bombing into a fresh mud pit still dressed in their finest pastel dresses on the Sunday before they left. As beautiful as that moment might have felt, I remember thinking it was pretty un-majestic to watch on my 12 inch TV screen fresh out of a LUSH bubble bath. I feared I was about to repeat that experience off-camera prior to even entering the Main Arena. In my defence, I had to pass through at least three security checks and bag searches in the space of half a mile. I must hand it to T, I felt really quite secure within their quarters.

So, the Main Arena: what an iconic place to find yourself in. While the presence of the seasoned camper is faint, I can’t wait to see this fairground transition into the music platform it is renound for being as the day goes on. A stone throw away from the Sunset Strip is the notorious big wheel (of love) still lurking in the backdrops of everybody’s selfies and ruining chivalry far and wide. (Can’t wait to get a go on that all by myself later…) Scattered all over the place are original game stalls, prizes to be won at every corner, beer bars, cocktail stands, picnic benches, parched grass, muddy wellies, impatient attendees, overcast skylines – everything you’d expect and miss if it wasn’t here. Except for one thing.

Where are the tents?

A short walk from King Tuts Wah Wah Hut/Tent perched atop a slope not too far from the action – and genuinely not as over populated as you’d believe – rests a plethora of multicolour tents. Phew. They’re here. Everything is here.

We are ready for this festival weekend!


So, what is it about T in the Park that makes people want to come back again and again?

Is it that it’s famous for being filthy? Is that thick sludge actually medicinal? Do they import it from the natural spas in Budapest? I wonder…

Or is it because it’s Scottish and it’s ours? Everyone knows Scotland are the best at being crowds: Commonwealth games, Rugby World Cup, Biffy Clyro at the Barrowlands – you name it and we’ll be there chanting “here we f*****g go!” – even if it doesn’t fit in with the chorus.

Maybe it’s simply the guaranteed overcast sky shadowing you while you drink beer and sing out your favourite tunes that has such great appeal.

For a festival that has made the headlines more than once for being disorganised and disrespectful, I’d say my morning here challenges those misconceptions.

Here we!

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