George Ezra at TITP

“Ezra.” “Ezra.” “Ezra.”

The buzz surrounding this humble young man is unreal. All over Strathallan people are eagerly awaiting the closure of other artist’s performances to make way for this Hertford heartthrob.

“Ezra.” “Ezra.” Ezra.”

The Main Stage is swamped by the masses at George Ezra’s T in the Park performance on the Saturday of the weekend. By far the biggest Main Stage crowd all day. His songs are catchy, fun and inviting but most importantly they are easy to learn. Even those who’ve been occupying rocks for homes since Wanted On Voyage’s release last June can still manage to chant out a line or too with the rest of the helpful crowd. Before us is a star.

In a fashion true to his humble nature, Ezra emerges on stage with nothing but his band and Gibson guitar. Much to the crowd’s joy, he opens his set with his second EP track title Cassy-o, a crowd favourite. He starts off his performance with a bang that doesn’t fizzle out.

There’s something hilarious and refreshing about Ezra’s persona on stage. It could be that he drinks T between songs – that’s tea not Tennents, just to clarify – or it could be how he takes massive, extended pauses between sentences when he speaks just to take in the atmosphere while he has the chance. The most lovable thing about him is the way his legs have a mind of their own when he sings. What a sweetheart.

It’s been said in a hundred different ways that he occupies the face of a 21-year-old but the voice of a singer far beyond his years – and it’s true. But in addition to this he also possesses the education of a boy his age (A-levels, a degree…) but the talent of a songwriter who’s been in the business for much longer Ezra has. I can only imagine the difficulty involved in taking notes from an interrailing trip and transforming them into catchy tunes that can be enjoyed by all.

This man is worth the watching.

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