New Facebook Page!

I’ve decided to set up a Facebook page explicitly for my writing in order to distinguish it from my personal Facebook.

I will be syncing this blog to my new Facebook so that all new articles will automatically post to there and not my personal account anymore.

As I enter into the realm of 3rd year at university, so, so, so many new opportunities are opening up to me! Everything from exciting new paid work, internships at major tabloids, writing for BUZZFEED SCOTLAND and working in media teams at music festivals – doors are opening, and if you wanna tag along with me – I’m literally a click away!

You can find me at Rachael Procter – Writer.

My main motivation for doing this is to keep my work from clogging the Facebook pages of those who don’t want to read my stuff. I’m now giving you the choice to be on this crazy ride with me – and I’d really love to have you there.

All support is amazing and I appreciate it with all that I have!

Thank you ❤

and LIKE my PAGE!