Preview: Paper Towns, The Movie

‘Paper Towns: Preview’ will be published in the August edition of The Student Advertiser (TSA).

After smashing Box Offices worldwide with his romantic epic The Fault in Our Stars, Hollywood’s new favourite author, John Green, has brought another tale to the screen in the form of Cara Delevingne. Paper Towns follows young Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and his friends during their search for the Next Top Model- I mean, uh, Margo, Quentin’s childhood love and neighbour. Years of silence after their childhood fun, and exactly one month prior to their high school graduation, Quentin awakes to find Margo in his bedroom talking of a revenge mission on a group of people who she feels have deliberately hurt her over the course of her high school career. And she need’s his help.

It goes without saying that Paper Towns will smash Box Offices worldwide, but will it be due to the cast? We’ll have to see if Cara can work the big screen as good the catwalk.

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