I have an important announcement…

Tomorrow I begin a week-long internship with the Daily Record features department in their offices in Glasgow.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to FINALLY tell everyone that I am now an official beneficiary of the Young Scot and Creative Scotland Nurturing Talent Fund‘Time to Shine’, and have been awarded a grant for my endeavours in journalism.


I am extremely grateful that Young Scot and Creative Scotland have selected me for this grant; the opportunity to work with the Daily record might not have been possible otherwise. In part, this grant will be used to fund my travel expenses to and from my internship next week.

The work of the ‘Time to Shine’ youth strategy is fantastic – I can now vouch from my own experience. Those among us entering into the field of writing will be well aware of the ever-prominent ‘unpaid’ tag which often follows us. While I have in no way, shape or form have been contributing to any publication for money, I do dedicate a lot of my time to finding writing opportunities. The trouble with this is that many of the great, great publications to write for at this stage don’t pay students – but please believe me when I say I’m okay with that. Writing unpaid is in no way a reflection of the level of work and effort that I put into each article and I am very proud of the body of work I have produced at an unpaid rate. I understand to get anywhere in this profession I will be expected to do a huge level of unpaid, likely for a very long time.

‘Time to Shine’ is enabling me to fully apply myself to finding writing opportunities. They understand that the exposure I get now will build the foundations of a solid writing career in the future if I am able to apply myself.

They are giving me what I need most: time.

And they are here to help you, too.

“The funding, which is being administered by Young Scot over the next two years, will be awarded to those who demonstrate ambition, enthusiasm or talent in their chosen art form and require some financial support to develop or promote this further.

Individual awards of up to £200 or group awards of up to £750 are available for endeavors such as auditioning, training, staging an exhibition, recording a demo, publishing written work, hosting a workshop or setting up a local group.” Creative Scotland Nurturing Talent Fund Time to Shine

With applications opening up four times throughout the year, Creative Scotland are making youth art accessible. As I approach the final stages of the Youth Arts Ambassador application process, I will be certain to talk frequently about the importance of art and the ways in which Creative Scotland are helping students like me stay away from the typical 9 to 5.

Follow Creative Scotland, Time to Shine and Young Scot on twitter for updates and other exciting opportunities!


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