Review: MEGABytes, Glasgow’s Answer to a ‘night in’

This review will be published in the August edition of The Student Advertiser (TSA)

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There have been many a night out that – as I’ve grimaced at the dirt between my blistering, peep toe stilettos during a moment of silence for my newly missing blazer – I’ve wished I just stayed at home. I could’ve had some pizza and played some Mario within the warmth of my own home, surrounded by the people I want to be there. While as students we hold the strongest reputation for having the craziest, guilt-free experiences – all to share with disbelieving grandchildren in the future – this isn’t always the case. Howard Street’s new and potentially best chill out zone MEGA Bytes have realised this, and students are about to love them for it…

“We basically set out to create a larger replica of the perfect ‘gamers living room,” – says Nav Saran, gaming enthusiast and co-director of MEGABytes. “(We) had gaming evenings every week at my house, basically involving good food, good vibes and great games. We just wanted to bring that to as many people as possible.”

As a spokesperson for the Netflix generation, I can safely confirm that the best way to get us students out of our pyjamas and into socialising is to offer us a taste of home in the outdoors. We’re talking cake over Cava here, milkshakes over Margaritas, bored games over boring music… and none of that awkward wing-manning that sees you babysitting on the side lines for the entire evening.

“We offer the chance for people to go toe to toe with their favourite game characters and memories because, ultimately, it’s all about the nostalgia these games create.”

Offering services such as the Super Nintendo, Star Wars Pod Racing, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, the SEGA Saturn and Cards Against Humanity, the warm reception of this student pad-come public area is already sitting favourably with guests who’ve turned up in their thousands on social media to support the MEGABytes Facebook page. The zone have their own themed evenings where dress-up and cosplay is absolutely encouraged – “Hell, we’ll even throw in a free slice of cake”, says Nav, which is good enough for me! A recent winner of ‘best costume’, Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, was awarded a free drink for every day of the month as her prize. Now, does that not sound like fun? We think so, too.

“We’d love to have as many people with different interests pop in and enjoy the location. Whether it ranges from after hour board game marathons, murder mystery events, gaming sessions or even Q + A sessions with game industry developers. We’re hoping we will grow to have something for everyone.”

Find MegaNav, Danny Aran, Amber Twilight and the rest of the MEGABytes gang on 169 Howard Street.

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