Stationery Sunday: A smaller-than-usual Paperchase haul

Oh, Paperchase. Your whimsical, creative products are to die for.

Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, each crevice of the Buchanan Street store is bursting with sparkle, colour and shine, and I literally cannot walk past the door without going in for a look around.

For those of you who might not have come across this shop before, Paperchase is a huge stationery and art supplies franchise who occupy many, many stores nationwide in the UK, as well as a huge online shopping service. They are known for their quirky ranges in which they sell everything from retractable pencils to clipboards all with the same design. They also boast a hugely impressive selection of own-brand scrapbooks, photo albums and notebooks to be envied by ALL of your friends. Their ranges have recently extended into backpacks, satchels, phone cases, external chargers and passport/train pass covers. Although pricey, Paperchase’s own-brand stock is still far cheaper than the specialist alternative, offering a nice chance for anyone wants to try something new without having to splash out a lot of money.


I am very much a ground-floor-shopper. Now, this might sound unusual. But unless I know something which will be of interest to me is lurking above the entry-level floor, I will not go upstairs. This isn’t down to laziness. It is genuinely because I know, having worked in retail, that if a shop is selling something of dire interest to their customers, it will be within the first five or six feet of the front door. Consequence to this frame of mind, I do tend to miss out on some bargains. That saying, I still wouldn’t have the patience to physically hunt through SALE stock if it was right under my nose.

On a recent trip, I accidentally uncovered the wonderland that is the-floor-above-the-ground-floor. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Paperchase sell not only quirky stationery ranges but also their own branded craft products, card making supplies, sketching equipment, paint, calligraphy sets and sewing kits. Mesmerised by the potential, the first floor has become my go-to place in store.

Washi tapes


Paperchase have a fair-sized range of washi tape, as I only discovered this week.

Washi refers to the Japanese art of paper (not origami) whereby petit craft products are made from thin, sugary paper.

I use my washi tape for wrapping gifts, adding decoration to homemade cards and for decorating notebooks and folders.

These were on the expensive side, rolling in at £3 and £4 each. You can often buy them for 99p on eBay, including free postage, though, they are often this cheap because they are being sent from Hong Kong. It will take three to four weeks for them to be delivered to you but if you have the time I would recommend this option.



I feel like I’ve stepped back in time holding my alphabet transfers in my hand! I prefer transfers over stickers sometimes because they will not curl at the edges and you usually get a better finish. These were only £2 as well, and will last me a long time. I chose alphabet transfers so that I can fully embrace my sadness this semester and put my name on all of my notebooks. Go on, shake your head at me.

Brown paper packages tied up with string…


I adore the simplicity of brown, paper envelopes. There is something so special about them; I feel transported back in time. As I’ve recently started learning calligraphy, I wanted to be able to send handwritten greetings cards. I feel as though the rough, dark texture of the brown cards make the curls of each hand-drawn letter stand out in a way I feel that white cards would cheapen.

This haul is miniscule compared to my usual standard. It is not filled with notebooks galore, but I felt compelled to share the wonder of Paperchase’s lesser-known own-brand arts and craft supplies!

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