The Stationery Swooner’s beginner guide

Do you know what I love?

Pens. Oh, and neatly arranged ones at that. I like variety in my writing so much that to achieve the style I want whilst note taking, I carry myself from my computer screen and into the depths of a string bound notebook, embossed with a typewriter on the front. With my name on the inside cover. Handwritten. In Calligraphy. Swoon.

When my pen hits the page, I know I’ll be certain to mess it up – the front page. And we can’t have that, can we? A big splodge where a stringy font should be – my font – often remarked as being neat. I have a reputation. “Neat writer”. Out the first page will go following the first spelling mistake and, well, the rest is ruined, isn’t it? No one will get anywhere in life with a missing the front page. You’re not ready yet, Rachael, my inner monologue whispers. And the notebook is placed on the shelves until further notice.


There’s something about it, isn’t there? Something about having the best stationery; the unopened pen packets, the uniformly sharpened pencils, the washi tapes to make everything look pretty and the notebooks never to be written in.

Being a student, I find now is the time in my life to indulge in creativity and kit myself out to the envy of my friends. “Small victories”, they say – but this is kind of a big deal. Organisation is what I live for, sadly. I’m twenty-years-old and still use a Filofax religiously. My dad – prime advocate for technology – encourages me to lift my note-taking from the paper to the personal screen, but you don’t get the same satisfaction when you’re done for the day and all you have to show for your hard work is somewhere in a bag, out of battery. I mean, I’m all for e-mail… but ask me about the olden days with Stationery Box and I’ll handwrite everything that was great about them. (And include stickers.)

We love the same things, Stationery Swooners: white backdrops to make our photos look beautiful, Sharpie pens majestically scattered across a great pile of unused journals, woodland themed clipboards for lectures, a plethora of rainbow paper magnificently displayed in a shop window… Filofaxes to decorate with tape and glitter, stickers that look like stamps, postage themed writing sets and travel inspired notebooks to help us lose ourselves while we write.

It’s a real kind of hobby, swooning over stationery, and Paperchase are only encouraging us.

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