Stationery Sunday: Designing your own notebooks

There are various reasons why Stationery Sunday has evolved into Stationery Monday this week. And, without dwelling into too much detail, I can confirm that, yes, I still have a headache following Saturday night’s rare antics.

That saying, I am very excited to share this week’s feature with you, mainly because it is very cheap and completely customizable:

I have been decorating my own notebook!


The plain, brown paper notebook – and its entire range – is a greatly ignored feature of most stationery shops. While some people take one feel of the rough, recycled texture and throw things back on the shelf, my mind starts to churn with creative opportunities, ones which enable me to completely personalise my own stationery: swooooon!

Yesterday, whilst battling the hangover of all hangovers, I visited Art Store in Glasgow for the very unenergetic retail therapy I required to feel back to normal. I came across a little A5 notebook with a difference: one side of each page is lined paper and the opposing side of the following page is blank. I remember being little and taking a similar style with me everywhere I went to make up stories and draw those all-important enhancing illustrations. For only £1.80 – excluding the generous student discount which I didn’t know applied there – I could not resist buying myself one, FINALLY getting to do something I’ve been inspired to do for a while now.

I used a number of products to create my finished piece (which can be viewed at the top and bottom of this page). I’m amazed at how easy it is to do this kind of thing. There is an air of achievement which surrounds me when I make something from scratch and completely out of my imagination.

  • Map scrapbooking papers from Paperchase£3.50: these papers are quite large and they are part of the maps range in store. I have been making a scrapbook of my boyfriend’s European backpacking trip from 2014 using these papers, and I decided to cut some scraps into small squares to create a disorganised, creative feel for my front cover.
  • Typewriter stamp and ink set from£7.99: I picked these little babies up from Waterstones but they are in many art/stationery/book shops, including Art Store. I have my own typewriter, long lost amid a pile of Christmas decorations in my loft. Until I find the motivation to locate and refurbish it, I will continue to use my typewriter stamps. I like that they do not have the same precision as typing in a straight line. They come with two colours of ink: red and navy.
  • Various washi tapes from Paperchase and eBay £0.99 – £3.99I recently did a feature on some of the washi tapes I used today, bought in Paperchase – the ‘all you need is love’ tape is probably my favourite find of all time. I cannot get enough washi tapes into my creations. They are just wonderfully versatile. I also used the letter transfers featured in the same post to scratch the “Write, feel, HEAL” into my signage as well. Again, you can read all about this useful style of lettering here.
  • Alphabet stickers from Dille and Kamille €1.95: here is a little international feature… I bought these dreamy alphabet stickers in an adorable home store in Bruges, Belgium, Dille and Kamille. They have the sweetest stationery section and these stickers caught my eye. They aren’t paper, in fact, they’re cardboard and look absolutely fantastic against brown paper backgrounds of the same shade; I didn’t actually expect they would be so complimentary until I used them to make a card recently. They’ve become a staple to my collection and I use them on almost everything now.
  • Labels book from Paperchase£2.99: the little labels notebook features in my photos above is actually from a discontinued range in Paperchase. I bought it last year because I loved the little list opportunities and the ‘this belongs to…’ signs, as well as the mock ticket which looks like something you collect to win prizes at an arcade. They have many sticker books, however, which I have linked for you here. They are endlessly useful and usually accompany their larger ranges.

I will definitely be making more of these, especially for gifts. It was such a cost-effective way to make a perfect new notebook which, as you may have guessed is going to be used to help form the basis of some fiction planning! I’m going to try and incorporate themes into future endeavours: Harry Potter, Jane Austin, Once Upon a Time

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Stationery Sunday. I have now been doing this for a whole MONTH. You can read previous weeks below. Remember, all comments and enquiries are most welcome!


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