Remember, remember Rachael Rites this September! 


It’s crazy – everything that’s been happening to me this year. I mean, how many 2nd year students can say they were sent as a media writer to T in the Park? My mind is blown with every opportunity that comes my way. What would surprise the ‘me’ of this time last year the most is that I’ve taken every single one that I can.

With the Daily Record and a month-long writing trip around Europe firmly in the bag of experience, you would think I was satisfied with how I’ve spent my summer holiday this year… But I am in no way ready to slow down the bus. Things might be shifting to a gentler pace to make way for the university reading list that is as long as my arm, but my writer’s mind is still much ticking along nicely as I adapt to embrace more concrete writing experiences.

Here’s what September is looking like for Rachael Rites. (What a belter!)

  • I’m now a permanent intern at Scotcampus Magazine!

I am thrilled to be returning to the Scotcampus office one day a week as an Editorial Assistant. I will be editing and producing new content for Scotland’s biggest student magazine, getting to engage closely with new interns – just what I started out as – to encourage and help them achieve their writing goals. As our current Editor prepares to embark on an exciting new career, it is with great sadness that I am trying to look forward to welcoming our new Editor-in-Chief to the office, the one who will have to look at my face for eight hours a week (and answer my consistently enthusiastic emails).

Who would’ve thought my inner paper obsessions would appeal to so many people. I’m delighted to have received the publicity I have from some of the brands I’ve been promoting in my weekly posts. I buy all of my own equipment from their stores myself; I guess people like reading wholesome, unsponsored ramblings about how good stationery makes me feel.

I’m excited to being my new feature of Stationery Sunday which will find me interviewing industry experts, sharing exclusive Rachael Rites discounts and reviewing even nicer goodies for others to enjoy. I look forward to sharing my creativity with you all!

  • I’m going to be paid!

I’ve now been writing with The Student Advertiser for 6 months and have landed two small jobs with them. The first will find me recruiting at their stalls in some of the many Fresher’s Fairs they’ll be visiting as new starts prepare to embark on their university journey. The second, well – say hello to the TSA delivery girl: I am now an official distributor of the magazine!

I’m beyond excited to have all of my submissions in on time for the Fresher’s edition of The Strathclyde Telegaoh. My writers have made my editing debut fairly straight forward and have produced some outstanding content which I hope to share on here and on my Facebook ‘like’ page.

Another great benefit of being Features Editor is the columns: the well-sought after 300 word rants/releases granted to two lucky writers each term. I’m delighted to have selected my two columnists for the year ahead…

Given their popularity at Strathclyde, I was not surprised to have received so many submissions from students all with unique ideas.  I had the task of choosing, which I did so professionally and anonymously, selecting the best two  proposals to suit the publication. This is harder than you’d think given that the majority of my uni friends are contributing writers to the paper. I’m excited to bring in Jennifer Constable’s edgy sex advice column and Hannah Wong’s tailored advice for young student parents like her. I think they will be true assettes to the paper.

  • You will get to read my interview with THE STRYPES!

I’m delighted to have interviewed Irish crooners The Strypes prior to their gig in Glasgow this month. I’m working hard to interview as many interesting people as I can; I’ve identified that confidence is, indeed, an area of development I need to give extra attention to. Pushing myself to talk to industry professionals is daunting but I like the benefits which follow, present in my self-belief and posture. (Stand tall.)

I look forward to sharing these crazy moments with you. 

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