REVIEW: the ICONIC A6 Monthly Planner from The Journal Shop

227This morning I was delighted to find that all of my stationery shopping had arrived on the same day. It was like Christmas, my birthday… Any good celebration you can think of, today was it. There was a stationery party happening in my kitchen (of one). And so, each day this week I will be reviewing an item I purchased from either Fox and Star or The Journal Shop, two wonderful online stationery stores that sell everything from planners to sketch books. Today, I’ll begin with the ICONIC A6 Monthly Planner, which I purchased from The Journal Shop.


First of all, about The Journal Shop… I came across this golden gem after using a search term I’m not even remotely embarrassed about: ‘amazing stationery’. One link lead to another and BOOM: I was in the presence of a maestro, an online Stationery company who know what customers are after and who are committed to gathering and distributing the finest stationery goods – all sourced from a mass of different brands- under one roof. Spend only £10 and you have FREE UK SHIPPING – spend £75 (quite a jump, I know) and you have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ALSO, sign up to their newsletter and you receive a code for 10% off!

So really, you might be sitting there thinking, ‘pah, £10 will buy me a sheet of stickers from a company like this’ – but allow me to assure you otherwise: it’s not that expensive. This ICONIC Monthly Planner, for example, was only £3.95

Taken from:
Taken from:

ICONIC DESIGN, a Korean-based stationer. Their products are classically-inspired but distinctly modern. They sell many free planners, like this one, and are famous for their double-ended pens (which I should really get a hold of…); they continue to be one of their best sellers. I fell in love with ICONIC as soon as I laid eyes upon them. Their designs are very simplistic and don’t boast patterns which might offend the eyes. I adore the way they utilise font to decorate the covers of their journals, planners and snap files, fonts which speak for themselves and don’t require illustrations. You will understand the full extent of this as I review more of their products this week.

224I bought the ICONIC A6 Monthly Planner in DEEP BLUE; it’s also available in YELLOW (and looks hella retro in this colour). It’s a lot smaller than you’d think. However, a lot has been packed into it. The planner contains 12-months of undated monthly calendars (see right) which you write in the dates/days of yourself; at the front, there is a yearly planner – again BLANK – for you to fill in yourself, though, numbers of the month have been written down both margins to help you; at the back there are eight green sheets of squared paper for notes; and behind this and the very back, there is a ‘personal data’ section (see below).

I really love my mini planner. It’s so compact it can slide into the back pocket of my jeans (though, I’m not sure why I’d ever need to do this). I like it because I can personalise it with patterned tapes, brightly coloured ink and photos. The paper is also of good quality, and like many of their other products it is extremely plain and entirely functional. I can’t fit a lot in each box, I225 will admit but for the purpose I’ll be using it for, I shouldn’t need to. I’m using metal book marks to mark each new month and I enjoy that there are small pockets on each side to slide external pieces of paper into. The plastic cover is detachable, should you not want little pouches at either end. (Why?)

I’m going to use my planner specifically for university; to plan my assignments, study days, library book due dates, lectures and homework (exciting stuff, eh?). I’m a Filofax loyalist but I when I realised I would need another planner, I didn’t want the hefty price tag or the mass of TWO in my bag at all times. This planner is small enough to carry INSIDE of my Personal-sized Filofax. It really is ideal.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: the ICONIC A6 Monthly Planner from The Journal Shop

  1. I really love planning at the moment and I’m thinking about buying me some Filofax system – you have so much opportunitys so pimp it!
    I use a daily calendar especially for uni and for organising all the other stuff I need to do!

    Have a nice day! ❤️

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