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Ahead of their gig at QMU on 27 September, we spoke to The Strypes – the brilliant, talented, young band from Cavan in Ireland – to find out more about how they’ve handled being thrust into fame at a notably young age, their own advice for aspiring musicians and crazy Glasgow gigs: 

First off, we’d like to talk to you about your upcoming gig at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union. What are your favourite things about playing to Scottish crowds? And what are you most looking forward to about playing here?

We’re hugely excited for the Glasgow gig on the tour, we haven’t played there since February last year and it was easily one of the best gigs we’ve done. The crowd went berserk and towards the end a bunch of lads started pelting their sweaty T-shirts at the stage. One of the songs completely broke down when the crowd’s chanting took it over, we just sat back and waited for them to finish! We’re looking forward to provoking a similar reaction.

We read that you previously said a Glasgow gig was one of the craziest you’ve ever played, are you hoping for more of the same at this gig? 

As I said in the previous answer, it was a brilliant gig and it would be great if the next one was as wild.

The Strypes had a very gradual rise to fame, one which made a huge impression on British music – something I believe sets you apart from your age group. What sort of challenges, if any, have you experienced or overcome during your young careers?

We’ve been very lucky in that we’ve had very few challenges to face in our time in the music industry, but I suppose it was a challenge initially to get people to take us seriously considering our age a few years ago.

When The Strypes came, to be your image generated a very prominent misconception that you had skipped class once or twice, came up with a few riffs in your spare time and suddenly grown to emulate bands before you circa 1960. Was it difficult putting yourself out there knowing that some listeners had already prejudged you? Or did you find proving them wrong invigorating?

We did find the misconceptions a bit frustrating at first, especially since we were more influenced by a lot pub rock and punk stuff that people overlooked. But at the end of the day you have to stick to your guns and have confidence in what you’re doing.

 If you each were to have one particular colour of “strype” that represented you, what would that be and why?

Seeing as we’re from Cavan it would have to be blue (county colour)

The Strypes latest album ‘Little Victories’ is out now

You’ve mentioned in interviews before that you’ve never really been starstruck or interested in fame yourselves, but, is there any band or artist you would feel extremely honoured to support or have support you at a show?

We aren’t particularly bothered about supports, but it would be nice to meet Paul McCartney, Nick Lowe or someone of that ilk.

You seem to have built a very strong and loyal fan-base through relentless hard work and dedication. In fact, many of the new-starts at universities are not too dissimilar an age from your own. In this respect, what advice do you have for student readers currently treading water around their goals? 

Our advice to students would be proactive with their goals. If someone is interested in music, they should strive get out and playing live instead of sitting around waiting to be discovered.

If you weren’t making music and doing exactly what you are doing now, what kind of careers do you all think you would have gone into? 

It’s hard to say, probably atomic engineers or something to do with UFOs!

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Baths or showers? Baths  • On a hotdog – Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup  • Pepsi or coke? Coke • Sausage or bacon? Sausage • Vintage or brand new? Vintage • Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise  • Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction  • Favourite Scottish person, real or fictional? Kevin Bridges

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