REVIEW: a FOX AND STAR haul fit for the Queen!

As mentioned in my ICONIC A6 Monthly Planner review, Wednesday of last week was a fairly exciting day for me all thanks to the Royal Mail and the timely dispatch of my stationery orders. Of the two companies I ordered from, The Journal Shop and Fox and Star, I have to admit I was most excited by the latter for the simple reason that I had ordered four brand new washi tapes from a company I’d only just heard of, and I was apprehensive as to whether they’d look as nice as they did on-screen.


Fox and Star are fairly new to me. After Instagram-stalking them for a month or so, I decided to investigate their website in full, only this time combining the goodies I found with my new-found love for Pintrest to refer back to in greener days. Pin, pin, pin. I couldn’t stop. Pintrest is wonderful for keeping potential purchases together in almost a scrapbook format – but that’s a different story. In short, everything I pinned in my Pintrest ‘Writing’ folder was eventually purchased from Fox and Star and I couldn’t have been more content with the outcome.

231So, you’d maybe like a little background info from my new favourite shop before I go into full-scale drool and review some of my purchases. Well, here goes: Fox and Star is based in Birmingham, UK, and is committed to selected and selling the best stationery brands all throughout the world. It is captained by Ariane, a life-long stationery lover, who is responsible for the adorable ‘thank you’ gift tag on my SESSO ‘Le Voyageur’ notebook, pictured left. This adorable, hand-written touch is just one reason to trust this brand: they genuinely care about their customers. Ariane, who studied, worked and travelled in Japan, South Korea and China, was inspired by the colourful and creative designs found in Asia, and so founded Fox and Star upon her return. They sell planners, washi tapes, notebooks, journals and pens, supplied by handpicked brands from all over the globe – particularly LIVEWORK, ICONIC and SESSO GRAPHICS. To learn more about the other brands they source from, you can have a look at the ‘about’ page on their site here.

My order was placed, dispatched and delivered by the Royal Mail within two days. They have excellent customer service and send out various emails to assure customers of the progress of their order and remind them exactly what they’ve ordered. All of their orders include a personalised gift tag (see above). And, for an extra special touch, I noticed that my four washi tapes were concealed in a pretty blue and white striped bag which was secured with washi tape itself. Nice touch!

The product down-low…


This product appealed to me because the pages are blank and divided by a thin black line. It allows me to write different lists without the page looking jumbled or messy. I’m going to be using it to keep track of what I’m eating (diets suck, but not as much when you have nice stationery), though, I can imagine some other great uses for it: laying out maths equations in a coherent format; sticking a picture on one half and writing about it on the other half; writing reminders for each day; writing goals above and tracking progress below; or organising different projects at once.
  1. Nice, glossy front cover
  2. Blank introduction front page
  3. Excellent quality paper. It’s very thick and feels like flaccid card.
  4. It’s smaller than you’d think – around A6 size, probably.

  • various MASTE washi tapes. In order above:
‘Cosmic Galaxy’ £3.50 – a broader than average washi tape; excellent quality; durable enough to secure wrapping paper on gifts; I love how saturated the colours are in this beautiful tape.
‘Night Sky’ £3.50also a broader than average tape; again excellent quality; also durable enough to wrap gifts; the detail in the moon and night sky is excellent and not pixelated; the tape has two, alternating designs – ‘fly me to the moon’ accompanied by a moon illustration in the night sky/’it’s a starry, starry night’ accompanied by a particularly starry night sky illustration; just beautiful.
‘Flowerfield’ £2.50 a nice summer tape of a more average width; the daisies are slightly pixelated, although, very saturated colours mean it looks quite good from a distance.

‘White Cosmic Galaxy’ £2.50 this is definitely the favourite of the four in my household; although the name suggests it is the same as Cosmic Galaxy (above) but in white it’s actually very different, looking more as though paint has been splattered onto it in bright colours; non-transparent; as good quality as the others; super pretty and looks good on everything.

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