Stationery Sunday: the ULTIMATE dream desk

Welcome to this week’s

Stationery Sunday!

This week I’ll be looking at the cosiest, most colourful, most inspiring, and definitely the most productive, desk spaces available to drool over on the world wide web, carefully selecting the best components of each to decipher what really is the ULTIMATE space for creativity.

As some of you may know, I was recently awoken to the awe-inspiring benefits of Pinterest, and it’s funny because only now as I write do I realise that is actually a combination of ‘pin’ and ‘interest’. Wow. I swear, I study English. Basically, for those of you who tend to be a little further behind the times than they like to let on (i.e. me), Pinterest is an online scrapbook/corkboard that allows you to search for specific things that interest you and create unlimited virtual albums to store them in. I currently have the following ‘boards’ (the fact that I’ve put boards in inverted commas is testimony as to how much I am not with the times): Travel, Writing, Dream Home, Wedding Dreaming, Movies, Organisation and Degree Motivation. These can be made public for others to enjoy or completely private – which is what I did, to enable me to be as completely sad and creepy as my heart desires.

The pins often have links attached, for example, DIY posts: clicking on the pictures will lead you to the website they came from, almost like a (much prettier) ‘favourites’ bar on Internet Explorer. And one of the most unique things about Pinterest is that you can ‘pin’ from anywhere on the web! As a user, you are not limited to pins only visible on Pinterest, like is the circumstance for Instagram. You might be flicking through the IKEA catalogue on your mobile and spot something that would fit in your ‘dream home’ album; you can save this link and photograph for reviewing later by pinning it to your board. Or, you could have a life – something I don’t experience frequently, you may have guessed.

Anyway, this wasn’t intended to be the Pinterest appreciation post it’s turned out to be.

Pictures of what we’re looking for.

Here is a selection of the desk spaces available on Pinterest which have inspired me to write this post.

CAUTION: you’ll feel a little depressed after this…

The theory.

The conclusion is simple. According to most photographs, appealing desk spaces generally tend to have one, two or all of he following features.

  • Lots of light: lots of natural light and a nice view are key ways to keep the inspiration flowing. I work best during the early-ish hours till mid morning when everything is still and I still have the rest of the day ahead of me.

  • Fairy lights: a staple. Littering a desk with fairy lights keeps it cosy and colourful. They’re so cheap and effective, too! If you look hard enough you can find unusual shaped ones in varying patterns.

  • Colourful bookshelves: nothing says more about you as a person than the books on your shelves. Build a collection of magazines, hardbacks and novellas your proud to put on display in your workspace. It will motivate you to contribute to it. (Maybe.)

  • Eye-catching noticeboards: the real-life Pinterest. Pin photographs, postcards, leaflets of your favourite places, inspiring quotes, to do lists, reminders, badges, tickets, business cards… Completely personalise one small rectangle of your space to avoid clutter everywhere else.
My canvas of life.
My canvas of life.
  • Clutter-free: magazine files, desk tidy trays, letter racks… You need space to allow your creative juices to flow and not be interrupted by anyone else’s.

  • Lots of personal photographs and interesting artwork: postcard bunting, polaroid paper chains, your siblings pictures…


In short, ensure that your workspace is somewhere you can be focused, and somewhere – above all else – that is yours to do with as you please. The key to productivity is a healthy workspace, and will the help of Pinterest, this becomes a reality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry – see you next Sunday!
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