Stationery Sunday: goes back to University

Welcome to this week’s

Stationery Sunday

It’s here. Finally.

My to-do lists are being perfected.

My clothes are being thrown over the back of my chair.

Most importantly, my bag is being packed. You now have three guesses to find out what’s the first to go in it.

Going back to school/university is synonymous with one thing in my household. I care not for the interesting books going in my bag which I’ll be learning from this year. Instead, I favour those items which will help the dull revision look more colourful and interesting during exam season. Tomorrow I embark on my third year of university – actually what could be my second last year of student life forever, thus, I intend to be as glamourous and practical with my equipment as I always have been.

Prepare, everyone. Rachael is going back to uni.


I was one of those kids who had to travel 40 minutes each way into university and back again when everyone was mingling in their flats during Freshers. I didn’t live in Halls, therefore, I didn’t get the designer experience of a completely kitted-out IKEA pad. And as a result of being the only one of my friend group who lived ‘out my way’, nor did I ever fully get into parties before I had to get the final train home again – which probably would have made for more interesting reading.

My customising outlet is in stationery shopping, and being on an English, Creative Writing and Journalism course, this is fairly common practice.


I’m looking forward to third year for many reasons

[I hope you’re feeling ready for an autobiography]:

  • Firstly, third year is THE best year (in my eyes). We’re past the awkward introductions of 1st year and building up from the established friendships of 2nd year. By now, I am more than comfortable approaching new people, working with strangers in groups and commuting daily; you can no longer push me aside for a seat on the rush-hour train home because I won’t let you now. Actually, I’ll bite if you try.
  • Secondly, this is the year of THE DEGREE. At the end of May 2016, I will have a degree and whether that’s a 1st, 2nd, 3rd class or a PASS degree will be determined by the work I put in this year. I’ve already created a weekly revision, writing and editing plan to ensure that my newspaper commitments across the four publications I currently write for are not compromised by poor organisation. I just need to stay motivated now. All forms of prayer are welcome.
  • Thirdly, I’m an editor. My position as Features Editor of my university’s newspaper holds me in high regard – though, I’m not entirely sure why yet. I’m looking forward to speaking to new writers, developing with existing writers and making new friends, all whilst doing what I love and want to do after university. (‘The year of the Editor’.)
  • Fourth: I have some flexibility with my classes this year. I’ve got choices where I didn’t in second year. I have tailored my joint degree to suit my interests and abilities, and no longer am I subjected to uninteresting topics in classes that I hate.

‘Rite’-ing Utensils



  • Stablo fineliners – £9.99;

I find the Stablo fineliners to be much more potent than the leading market equivalent. (*couch* Stadteler *cough*).

  • WHSmith (scented) Ballpoint Pens – £4.99; 
These are lush. They have an extremely fine nib and make even the most incomprehensible writer, eh, comprehensible.
  •  UNI Chalkboard Markers – £2.77;

These are excellent. They are for use on whiteboards though look like chalk when written on the whiteboard surface. They are strong, they don’t run, and they don’t wipe off as easily as regular whiteboard pens.

  • Sharpie Highlighters – £2.99/e;

I like Sharpie highlighters because they have fine nibs and are often double-ended; each end featuring a nib with different thickness.


  • Campus Notebook by Oxford Notepads;

I’ve always loved the paper of Oxford notepads. The ink doesn’t seep onto the other side of the sheet if your writing or colouring in with pen and the punched margins make it easy to rip out each page cleanly for ease of filing.

  • Document holder notebooks by HAMA;

These little notebooks have yellowish pages like parchment. At the edge of one side there is a slider which opens the notebook up, transforming it into an A4 document wallet as well as a handy A5 notebook.

  • ‘Nothing Happened Today’ notebook by Paperchase – £2.99;

I could not resist this notebook for my journalism classes. It’s slightly larger than A5 actually making it a perfect size for taking notes and holding worksheets – yay for themed stationery!


  • ‘Pencil’ page identifiers by ASDA – £0.99;
I use page dividers religiously as a student of literature. There are always pages to be marked, whether it to retrieve quotes or simply to mark chapters. These ones are my favourite because they are made of plastic, as opposed to paper, and last much longer. They’re also little pencil shapes – cute!
  • Bookmark Pad by KNOCK KNOCK – £3.99;

The ‘You are HERE’ bookmark pad has 25 removable cardboard bookmarks in it. On each bookmark there are margins for ‘name’, ‘author’, ‘date started’, ‘date finished’ and ten or so lines with room for ‘page numbers’ and ‘notes’. Incredibly handy for referring back to ideas and quotes.

  • Document wallet by ICONIC DESIGN – £9.99;

This wallet is just wonderful. With various pockets inside for notepads, ID cards, loose paper sheets and even a pen holder, unlocking the button of this wallet turns it into a folio-based organising centre for each class. I have it in ‘vintage grey’ where the embellishments are all in GOLD writing. Swoon? I think so.

That’s me exhausted my ‘sad’ antics for the day. Until next week!

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