Stationery Sunday: CASS ART Student Day


Welcome to this week’s

Stationery Sunday


Ah, yes.

My favourite time of the week has arrived. I once hated Sunday’s you know. They were too reminiscent of joyful Friday/Saturday events and I generally spent them planning for the week ahead with antagonising misery for they everyday norm.

Not anymore; not since starting this blog. Speaking about my stationery finds purely for enjoyment fills me with such joy, for no particular reason. I talk of my love for organisation and beautifully arranged desks, but the root of my enjoyment stems from a simple admiration for good quality writing products which I like to think will be the cause for a best-seller in the future (ha, I’m hopeful).

So… Has anyone noticed this is actually Monday?

Those of you who read my previous Stationery Sunday post will know that university started back a week ago today. However, what you might fail to understand is the sheer workload of a reading-intensive English with Creative Writing and Journalism course. And so, for this reason, I regret that I am a day late in posting this week’s entry. Allow me to reassure you that it will be worth the wait…

With university comes Fresher’s week, and with Fresher’s week? Student events – thick and fast, at every turn. As a result of one particularly special student event, I have an exceptionally exciting Stationery Sunday this week – one which involved not only great freebies but an incredibly expensive haul as well. I’m feeling excited. (Someone hold me back.)

66On Wednesday of last week, CASS ART – an UK art, craft and stationery chain who pride themselves on making creativity64 accessible to all levels of skill and ability – hosted a dun, dun dunnnn… Student Day in their Glasgow store!

The event, which was an absolute sell out as you might guess, boasted an impressive 20% off across all stock, including already reduced and sale items. Also on offer were the best FREE goodie bags I have ever received for everyone who spent over £15 – not to mention general good vibes within store: a photo booth, free popcorn upon entry and an incredible piece in the exhibition room by their artist in residence (who I actually didn’t catch the name of – sorry man, you were really good, though).

65 I wrote an article about the opening of Cass Art Glasgow back in March shortly after it opened it’s doors to the public in February. They are unique from other stationery stores in that they pride themselves, as I’ve mentioned, on accessibility to the arts. They actually offer a discount for all students, lecturers, teachers and staff in art schools or universities in order to reinforce their ultimate goal: making art accessible for all, especially the passionate.

So there we were, three English students in an art store expecting to abuse their good nature and benefit from their generous Student Day. Did it work? Of course.

I did go a little, shall we say, ‘mental’ on Wednesday. The 20% discount was too good not to take advantage of. Their discount, teamed with the 10% off which all holders of their, again, FREE ‘Cobalt Blue’ discount card benefit from, meant a healthy 30% reduction across ALL products in store. It felt like the perfect time to try out some new things and buy better quality equipment for the things I’m already practising.

That goody bag, though…


This beautiful tin is filled – as you can see – with amazing and pricey products to try. Weighing in at a hefty £30 for its contents alone, this is further testimony to Cass Art’s motivation which is making sure their products are enjoyed widely. I would love to run through each item here and give detailed accounts of it’s use, why to buy them, where they are sold outside of Cass Art and why you should use them but, in all honestly, I actually don’t know. The good thing about this tin is that it was free and it will give me the opportunity to try equipment that I haven’t ever tried before, and hopefully garner some new skills.

Either way, you don’t need to be a pro to recognise the value in this tin. Team it with a two amazing sketching liners (a black and a white one) – which I actually bought a set of before noticing it in the goody bag – a brand new Staedtler pencil with rubber and a limited edition GOLD tote bag to keep it all in, and yep: Cass Art, you win the Fresher’s freebies competition!

The damage…

Ugh, boy. So much damage – but that’s what student loans are for when you don’t have a flat to heat or any books left to buy, right? (RIGHT?) I went into the store on Wednesday with an open mind – a very open mind. Probably so wide open that items just fell into my basket. But I’m very excited to use them all.


1.) 18 Acrylic Paints

Did you know I paint? Nah, me neither. I’m looking forward to trying it, though, when I give upsizing some jars a go: my mum’s old Yankee Candle jars will be rejuvenated with a lick of colour thanks to these beauties. For only £8 after reductions (they were already in the SALE), how could I not?


2) Dates Stamp and ink

Is this 2001? Am I back in primary school? No, I just really love writing the date on things and now I won’t have to! This roller stamp is interchangeable and offers a selection of cheesy slogans to accompany your dates. I’d been eyeing this up for a while and now it’s finally mine.


3) Another notebook…

It’s aqua. It opens flat. It doesn’t bounce shut when you’re writing in it. It has a blank profile for you to write your name, age, blood type, fav animal, first crush (ok, I’m exaggerating now) in at the front. It was in the sale- should I keep going?


4) A roller case for all. of. my. pens

This is one of four purchases I made waiting in the queue at the tills alone. It’s practical and looks outstanding with all of my fineliners in it – which I spent 20 minutes arranging into colour co-ordinated sections. Yep. No shame.


5) A Cass Art Sketch Pad

I  thought this would be ideal for making small calligraphy illustrations. I will report back on the success of such endeavours.

6) Six sketching liners

Ever drawn something and thought, ‘a nice black outline is all that really needs to finish it’? I have, and in this set there are six black liners to outline drawings in varying thicknesses – good for all types of sketching from comic book drawing to delicate facial features. (Not that I’m a pro at anything currently.)


7) a caddy case to keep everything in

‘Yay’ for organisation! And ain’t she pretty? 

Well, I hope that was worth it. It was to me. Thank you CASS ART for such a wonderful day!

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