REVIEW: The Venga Boys at Strathclyde Union

Published in The University Paper.

[Header image:]

The lights were off, the stage now illuminated by four Lycra jumpsuits: this was the moment of our dreams. The Venga Bus was coming.

The Venga Boys provided a fitting closure for the 2015 Fresher’s Week at Strathclyde University. Granted, the majority of the room – 17 and 18 year olds – was probably too young to remember the Dutch foursome in their prime, but this did not affect the incredible turn out in Vertigo on Friday night.

With an age range sitting comfortably within the mid-40s, any Venga Boys attendee that night would be forgiven for expecting minimalist dance routines and a hell of a lot of lip syncing. Though, standing centre stage, the cadet, the cowboy, the princess and the policeman delighted the audience with extremely tight dance routines and an air of professionalism to rival none that I’ve ever seen before.

My memories of the Venga Boys are listening to them as my sister swept my hair into a slick high ponytail with masses of hair mousse. My cousin would sing We’re going to Ibiza after school when our gran used to babysit us all at once. And, I’m also positive We Like to Party resurfaced during second year of high school when my best friend sent it to our whole friend circle via Bluetooth.

Hearing hits like Boom Boom Boom Boom…, We Like to Party and We’re Going to Ibiza live was an experience unknown to the audiences’ bodies. These great, cheesy tunes are fuelled by easy-to-remember lyrics and dance routines, impossible to resist joining in with on the dancefloor. Throw in some alcohol induced beverages and yes: the entire experience was as sweaty and bouncy as you can imagine.

“We are the Venga Boys, Glasgow! And we are cheesy pop, Euro trash!”

*Epic cheers from the crowd.*

Yes, you are and we LOVE you. Come back soon!

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