Alternative ways to get into Halloween

Published by Scotcampus.

Is it just me or do you also enter October thinking of the colour orange? I actively anticipate orange things in October and, therefore, save all my passion for autumnal shades until I can go full swing at this time of year.

Aside from the sunburnt shades of summer, now flaking through the air in the form of slippery leaves, October is synonymous with darker nights, the amber glow of street lights, pumpkins, sweeties, haunted homes, dressing up and inviting fires in cosy living rooms. We’ve been looking for an excuse to fully channel Katniss Everdeen on a night out all year, and Halloween is finally about to make that socially acceptable for us. Need I keep going?

While many stores now, disappointingly, skip the consumerist honey pot that is Halloween merchandising in favour of Christmas decorations (yes, we noticed those tins of sweeties by the door, Supermarkets of the UK), there are still many ways to get into the ghoulish spirit on your own.

Take part in Drawlloween

Calling all budding artists! There is an official Halloween drawing campaign, #Drawlloween, trending on Instagram, the idea being that on each day of October you draw something connected to Halloween from the official list. It’s interesting to see everybody’s takes on the same subject and encourages you to be a little bit creative each day. I also find that October suddenly appears at the end of the month without any real sense of excitement or anticipation until the final days before it. So, why not extend the celebration yourself for all of October?

Drawing not your thing? Why not try writing a short story or poem using the same prompts? Hashtag it #fictober and garner some social media exposure for your work. (CAUTION: that hashtag was self-invented.)


Tempt fate on a Zombie Run

You find yourself in Glasgow years after a zombie infection outbreak pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Scotland is a wasteland, an apocalyptic arena of disease and undead horror. You must get safely to various different locations through an array of different obstacles without being caught by the zombies which prowl the city. Sound like your kind of thing? Student Zombie Runs are taking place across Glasgow this Halloween. Think you’ve got the guts?


Go to a Murder Mystery Party (or plan your own)

Dine with Scotland’s finest aristocrats over a luxurious champagne ceremony and three-course-meal, all while trying to uncover the culprit in this who-murdered-who-style affair. With events taking place all over Scotland this October, and themes like CSI, Egypt and chocolate, you are spoiled for choice. Alternatively, why not make your own?


Burn some Halloween candles

If you aren’t up to date with the new Yankee Candle Halloween Range you’re missing a trick! Enjoy a Candy Corn infused home or let the fruity twists of Witches Brew scarify your living room. All we’re advising is that you turn off the lights in favour of a festive candle next time you’re watching a scary Halloween movie; it’ll really complete the setting. Oh, the simple things.


Carve a pumpkin!

Although likely to be the most exercised Halloween activity, there is something fun to be said about making your own Jack O’ Lanterns. Carving pumpkins is no longer the simple, geometric craft it used to be, now that our eyes have been opened to creative new ways to utilise the spherical vegetable. Think celebrity faced, painted, limb-eating pumpkins with wigs, adhesive eyeballs and odd expressions, and now we’re talking.


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