A job, you say?

There are only a few instances when I will answer my phone whilst in the toilets, one of them most certainly being to hear the feedback from a recent job application to my favourite shop, Paperchase.

This blog entry is a little stranger than usual. For ten minutes, allow yourself to forget the factual nature of the magazine articles I have written and post on here. Lose all sense of me as a student writer and embrace what is about to be the saddest, most unusual and seemingly pointless blog post I will likely ever write.

…But it makes me so happy.

I was preparing to go to university a couple of weeks ago when a phone call from a London number came through on my phone. I had recently concluded a wild C.V. distribution around Glasgow City Centre, following the emergence of many temporary Christmas staff opportunities within some of the best stores in town. Including this, a friend of mine had spoken to their manager about getting me a permanent role within the McDonalds about twenty minutes outside of my hometown, which to me, the distressed and poor student, was a golden opportunity that I could not be more thankful for. Alas, when the strange, multiple zeroed telephone number displayed on my home screen with a little green telephone beside it, I assumed McDonalds had received my application and hoped an interview ensued.

However, the call was from none other than Paperchase – the largest stationery and gift store on Glasgow’s ‘Style Mile’, Buchanan Street, (the Scottish equivalent of Oxford Street in London) – my favourite shop, perhaps, of all time. After seeing the advertisement for Christmas Temps in their window, I returned home to a evening of intense C.V. perfecting. 

Writing C.V.’s does not come naturally to me. In fact, having made my first job application via C.V. at 15, it took four years to actually get my first job at aged 19. When enquiring in store about job opportunities, a portion of my soul would disintegrate when instructed to hand in a C.V.

So, this phone call… I was invited that day to an interview for a Customer Assistant role in Paperchase, Glasgow – a flagship store. To some, these types of call are little to completely un-enticing, but given my track record of C.V. success, and the fact that it was my favourite shop on the other end of the phone, I rejoiced at having to hurriedly paint my nails and do my make-up on the train into the city.

At the interview we were told that our group of nine or ten was only 

 one of five taking place throughout the day, a fact which, at first, encouraged me to just stick to blogging about stationery as opposed to actually selling it to people. However, only one day after the interview I received news, within the public toilets at IKEA, nonetheless, that I had been successful!

I’m currently working as a Christmas Temp in Paperchase, a job which up until this moment has been a distant dream. As you will have seen from my Stationery Sunday posts, Paperchase is a store I frequently buy from, recommend and idolise in the field of working materials and organisation. It was been just over a week since I began working with the team who have been so incredibly warm, welcoming and encouraging – really going the extra mile to make me and the other successful applicant, a girl named Natalie, feel truly part of something amazing and special. I suddenly understand why I have been so drawn to their customer service in the past.

Now, please sit back whilst my Stationery Blog EXPLODES because all those window displays I’ve been keeping nice and tidy will not buy themselves.

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