Scotcampus Magazine Article: 10 Perks of an Office Job


Published in Scotcampus Magazine. You can read the entire edition online here for FREE.


Office jobs might be synonymous with suits, microwavable lunches and boredom, but working in a stationery-fuelled environment actually has more perks than you might realise.

  1. Office pranks – changing a colleague’s email signature to “lots of love and kisses from [their name], sticking a coin to the canteen floor to see how many pick it up… the possibilities are enough to get you out of bed.
  2. Stationery – reaping the benefits of the stationery cupboard to kit your whole family out for school/work/college – not to mention finally having an excuse to raid the Paperchase sale: “My work doesn’t have notepads like these, I swear!”
  3. Lunch pals – saving your gossip for your friends at lunch, who you do not see at any other point in your day-to-day life.
  4. Office parties – ditching your tightly buttoned collars for a handful of nights a year, purely to reassure your colleagues that you do, in fact, lead a double life.
  5. A secret stash – the objects in your personal drawer have rarely seen the light of day. Everything from pencil shavings, to half-eaten cereal bars and a variety of completely out-of-bounds blackmailing merchandise.
  6. Just holla’ – “Anybody got a pen?” “Where’s the sugar?” “Who was last in the toilet *cough/choke*?” When everyone you could ever need is so close by, there really is no need for discretion.
  7. The inevitable romance – the one who consistently irons their clothes, smells great and is paid to spend time within proximity of you. Meet me by the printers? *wink, wink*
  8. Becoming a ‘green goddess’ – with recycling being hammered down everyone’s throats within the work space, you can sleep at night knowing you do your bit recycling your Red Bull can each day.
  9. Routine – knowing exactly how your day pans out will makes the time fly in that much quicker: 9:15am – tea break (1). 10am – tea break (2). 11am – first lunch. 12am – second lunch…
  10. Free the troll – Working behind the security of a screen reduces the pressure to paint your face on each day. Yes, I have adult acne and no – it will not affect your day.

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