The BRAND NEW Scotcampus Magazine

241The newest edition of Scotcampus Magazine is now online!

The theme of this edition was Work and Employment.

I have quite a few piece’s this time round, more than I actually remembered, which I will post on here!

You can read the entire magazine online here.

I’m really excited about the newest edition of the Scotcampus Magazine as it was our editor, lovely Laura Blackhurst’s, final edition as Editor in Chief. We are now opening the doors for our new editor, Scotcampus’s graphic designer and copy-editor Mike Edwards, to lead the way for the next six months where he will then be overtaken by our newly recruited, soon-to-be Editor-in-Chief, Amy, who is currently training for the role as Assistant Editor.

The Scotcampus team are an inspiration to us all – taking in newbie writers, photographers and videographers as interns, providing them with opportunities to practise their art in real-life circumstances for two weeks and then continuing to keep them involved for months later. Scotcampus is where I started out: I owe every success in my career to the generosity of the team who gave me a chance and a foundation to build my C.V.

Contact Scotcampus if you would like to be involved using the form on the website.

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