Strathclyde Telegraph Edition 2 Release

As many of you will already be aware, I am the Features Editor of the Strathclyde Telegraph (the University of Strathclyde’s student newspaper) and I am extremely proud to announce the arrival and release of edition two – available to pick up now around campus for FREE.

I’m extremely proud of this edition, our second of the year, which follows a more serious tone than our first –35 the fun  ‘Fresher’s’ edition, designed to welcome in the University new starts in September. As the editor, I am tasked with finding articles for our writers to compose on a first-come-first-served basis. Many of my lovely wee writers, however, do take it upon themselves to send me pitches for original work.

For those unable to pick a copy of our newspaper up from campus, our new web editor, Jennifer Constable, is currently working very hard between assignments to make submissions available online for each edition.

As many of these articles are not yet available on the website, this post will be updated as and when each piece becomes available. For now, the viewable submissions can be seen below:

Edition 2


October 2015

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