A ‘3rd year’ Thought for Graduates

Printed in the Strathclyde Telegraph. It’s a never ending cycle, this schooling business. Four years of running your fingers through your matted hair, squeezing your fists until sweat started to drip onto the pages of your Higher textbooks; four years of Secondary School anguish earned you your place in one of the country’s finest further … Continue reading A ‘3rd year’ Thought for Graduates

Build yourself a merry little Christmas

(Stationery 'Sundays' aren't just for Sundays.) Who would have thought that when we read about the Wise Men’s questionable gift choices, the only thing we’d take from the Holy celebration would be the ‘gift’ element. Working in an art store, I sell Christmas cards, decorations and gifts to hundreds of customers every shift. The scene … Continue reading Build yourself a merry little Christmas

Top 3 Magazines You Should be Reading

Ugh, I just love fresh magazines. There's something so pleasurable in familiarising yourself with the contents in each new edition - getting to witness crisp, glossy (or matte) pages turn grubby under your finger tips. The filthier they get, the greater the testimony to good reading. As you may have seen in one of my previous posts, I … Continue reading Top 3 Magazines You Should be Reading