Seasons Screenings

Ah, yes: Christmas is nigh.

Before us are 30 days – 30 days of anticipation, preparation and organisation. With November finally swept under the rug, any efforts you make now to get in the festive mood will be celebrated, maybe even inspiring for others around you.

That week prior to New Year – the seven days which will inevitably lead to the list of 2016 do’s and don’t’s based on 2015 experiences – is a good time to embrace joy and family time, where possible.

Granted, if your Christmas is full of traditional operations, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be on the T.V. approximately five minutes after the final scrap of wrapping paper has been binned. Around three tins of sweets will be open on the floor, despite all them being Quality Streets, and one all-round-good-guy will sacrifice their morning in favour of cooking an amazing feast at dinnertime. Who doesn’t love living in these moments multiple times before December 25th? That’s correct – hardly anyone. And so, eager to please, the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) have an excellent line-up scheduled for those of us who want to turn ‘Christmas Movies and Chill’ into a legitimate evening in the town.

For those of you unaware of what exactly an evening in the GFT entails, prepare to feel all tingly with excitement. Think old-school popcorn pockets teamed with up-to-date projector performance. Screening posters really are surrounded by spherical cream lights at the GFT; it’s a treat to step back in time inside of it. Glasgow’s Film Theatre has been leading the way in specialised for over 40 years. From art house cinema to classics, night cult screenings to documentaries. And, despite being situated a mere stone-throw away from Sauchiehall street, we still bet you didn’t even know it was there.

Going out to catch a movie doesn’t have to break the bank, which is why the GFT have some pre-theatre and savings deals on offer throughout the year. Enjoy 20% off food in Giraffe on West Nile Street when you flash your GFT cinema ticket anytime during the week. Why not grab a buddy and enjoy a 2-for-1 on select Sunday showings courtesy of The Herald?

Here’s some of our favourite screenings forecasted for this Christmas, ones which – we should add – won’t be running in mainstream picture houses. Check online for full listings at Seasons screenings from TSA!

Published in the Student Advertiser, 05.12.15

Header image created by Rachael Procter, background image sourced from Pinterest.

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