Stationery Sunday: Paperchase Christmas SALE haul


I love the sales, but I’ll admit: I only love a certain kind of sale. None of this scrapping for a reduced cashmere jumper – no, no. I like things – notebooks, and gadgets, and reduced satchels, and watches. Clothing is what your trusted family get for Christmas to last the year; things are what you really like to buy for yourself.

Now – given that this is Paperchase we will be discussing here – seems like the perfect opportunity to reveal that I will be continuing to work in the shop even now that my 12-week Christmas position has ended. My contract has been extended and I am now officially a permanent member of staff! I’m delighted, but I’ve yet to fully experience the benefit of having wages; they all go back into the store!

So, I finally had time to browse through the downstairs sale last week and I’m extremely satisfied with the choice this year. Sales can be a little bit touch-and-go as to whether they offer anything of any great use but, luckily, this year’s was very good and I saved over £30 in stuff I’ve had my eye on for weeks.

Just to clarify, I don’t qualify for any staff discounts for another 12 weeks, and even if I did the discount would not apply to any sales purchases made.


I went to the Paperchase sale with a goal this year: to buy some photo props. I’ve always been very careful to, predominantly, use images which I’ve taken by myself and not sourced elsewhere. However, I’m in the process of taking this to the next level, ensuring that ALL images on Rachael Rites are either my own or sourced confidently.

I managed to bag myself some blue and silver foil snowflakes £2 £1; miniature black and white wooden fir tree table scatter £3 £1.50; rainbow gingerbread table scatter £3 £1.50 (photographed in the featured image above); miniature adhesive silk bows in crimson and jade £2 £1 /each (pictured below); and wooden Easter egg table scatter (as pictured above) £1.50 £0.75.




Including this, I bought some red and white striped twine – the same twine I used to make my own gift tags at Christmas (pictured right) – and some brown twine £2 £1 (each). 22

I also found these really pretty wooden stars in the Christmas section. I’m not entirely sure what their intended purpose is but I’ll be using them for photo props like everything else here.


 I love tape (I know, you probably don’t get it), I really do, and we had some pretty Christmas tapes to buy in store. You soon realise what’s worth holding out till the sale for in terms of prices at Paperchase. I picked up a packet of transparent metallic tape with stars on it which is uber tacky/cool and I have no idea what I’ll use them for exactly yet. The clear tape in this trio is by far my favourite, mainly because I thought it was just a silver foil tape and it turned out to be actually composed entirely of tiny metallic stars – you can see this if you look closely in one of the images below, thoughtfully provided by my sister, @stopfightingandmakeup, and her big fancy camera. These were £3 £1.50, as was the packet of six mini pastel ribbon spools, also photographed below.





Finally, the cute mason jars in the featured image? £4 down from £8. A completely unexpected purchase, I didn’t think they were in the sale but now I have the funky jars I wanted to store all of these little props in.

Simple pleasures.


5 thoughts on “Stationery Sunday: Paperchase Christmas SALE haul

      1. I’m still on my probation period, so I’m currently still discount-less! But you’re right, it’s just impossible. Every time I think I’ve bought as much as I can, they bring out new ranges!

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