February Favourites: Austin Kleon, The Boss and the Future

So, February has been okay, huh? I mean, that is if you count getting the 7:30am train into town only to return on the 11:20pm as productive, maybe even fun? 

It’s been a busy month of reviews. I finally got to see the RSNO playing John Williams and, after years (literally years) of telling myself I would save up and go, I ended up receiving tickets to review the show for The Student Advertiser which was nothing short of surreal and wonderful. I also got to see Elaine Paige in an exciting new rendition of Annie,  Cock‘s glorious Scottish debut at the Tron Theatre – another venue I can score off the list – and, just last night, West Side Story at The Kings Theatre. Throw in a cheeky wee viewing of Gabrielle Aplin at the O2 and bam: you can say I’ve been stuffed with culture these past four weeks.

With March being the month of my 21st birthday, I wanted to find a moment of clarity before I lose myself in assignment cram and Paperchase, which is why I’ve picked some February favourites to share with you. 


In no particular order.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Are you one of the lucky people who’s getting up at 8:50 this morning paid off? Fortunately I am, and my dad and I are embarking on some (rather expensive) bonding time down by The River in June with The Boss himself and his loyal team. This will be my second time witnessing the reign of The Boss at Hampden Park; it’s at least my dad’s third. I thought when we seen him in 2013 that we’d never get the opportunity to again. Alas, he has returned home.

Apple News

I’m sceptical of anything that asks for my Facebook username and, thankfully, I didn’t need to insert it into Apple News to still experience the wonders of this simple, convenient app. It appeared on my iPad home screen a month or so ago after an update and I never actually used it until recently. You simply tick all the publications you like reading (everything for Cosmopolitan to The Sun pops up, you won’t be short for choice) and ‘For You’ will put every new release from each organisation in one big homepage. It’s as entertaining as Facebook and Twitter only you can filter out the garbage. 

Show Your Work

‘If Steal Like an Artist was a book about stealing influence from other people, this book is about how to influence others by letting them steal from you.’

Austin Kleon’s sequel to his New York Times bestseller Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, is a modest, inspiring comfort manual for helping creatives feel confident in their artistry. It offers advice your tutors wouldn’t think of telling you, quotes from famous creatives of the past and present, and funny, easy to understand illustrations to equip you with everything you could possible need to achieve down-to-earth success and self-belief. It’s just lovely. 

Lang Leav’s Sad Girls and new poetry

I can’t even begin to describe how much Leav has helped me understand my emotions over the past two years. She speaks from the heart and doesn’t over-complicate her writing with hidden meanings that are too difficult to take anything from. Her first novel Sad Girls is teased regularly in excerpts she posts on her Twitter. It’s due out this year, as is her boyfriend’s new poetry book, and I can hardly wait to complete my collection with two sets of holy trinity. Everyone can resonate with something in their work. 

The Future

Ohhhh, how ominous does that sound? ‘The Future’. This is assuming that we are all blessed enough to live in our long-term futures. I feel this year is a year of growth for me. I’m planning to move out for my final university year (watch this space, that could change) and I’m now thinking of how I will maintain an income that supports me when I fly the nest. 

In a year I will be drawing to the end of my final university degree year and I’ve started thinking of what I’ll do after graduation, and with, and where. My 20s are feeling exciting. Journalism poses a career full of excitement that will consistently push me out of my comfort zone, which I love about life.

 Now is also very much a time for me where I’m beginning to let go of old friendships that aren’t driving me forward anymore. This also goes for people who are blatantly out to bring me down (thankfully there aren’t many you, but everyone has them). I used to be very susceptible to the thoughts of those around me, but there just isn’t a place for that in my life now where everything is go, go, go! and I barely have time for the people I love. I’m quite glad I don’t have the hours to waste being sad about things out of my control anymore. Life is far too precious for that.
So yeah, these are my FEBRUARY FAVOURITES – apologies if I sound more like a hippy with each passing entry.

Have a wonderful March- actually no. Everything going wonderfully is not always in your control. 

Have a March.


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