DAD Bookbinders for your Dissertation

Published in the Student Advertiser.

Dissertation deadline season is upon us. Quick! Someone send a massuist up to level four of the library with Red Bull and sweeties.

We’ve all been there, you know: 11pm, sitting at a claustrophobic desk at least five steps too far away from the nearest water fountain than we’re comfortably capable carrying our bodies. And if there are any third years out there who have found themselves carelessly roaming through all than the Buchanan Street sales have to offer after class, having not yet broken into a sweat carrying an unacceptable number of books home on a Saturday night – be jealous not, fourth years. Guaranteed, someone reading (or writing) this article will be where you are now within the next 12 months.

It goes without saying that a great deal of work goes into composing a dissertation. For me, ‘d-i-s-s-e-r-t-a-t-i-o-n’ was the first word to airily populate any conversation I had with new friends at the beginning of university. The very bones of the word connote esteem, quality, dedication and excellence, something many of you might not consider yourself capable of achieving as a student just yet – even at the beginning of your dissertation year. Thousands of words later you might find yourself with something you’re actually quite proud to proclaim is yours. All yours.

And amid the paper scraps of disregarded drafts, sticky notes, photocopies and highlighters, there may well just be the bones of a First Class dissertation. In a bid to finish within the deadline, you might compromise the unit’s merit by twiddling your thumbs as the library spits out your thesis for 5p a page – happy that you even managed to finish it. Pints and greetings cards with well wishes will follow and you’ll inevitably catch yourself thinking, It’s better to just forget about it now.

But, why would you risk jeopardising the quality of your hard work under the influence of the clock with a poorly presented dissertation?

Journeying onto Dumbarton Road on a Monday afternoon, I think TSA found the solution to your presentation needs. Downie Allison Downie Ltd. are a family-run bookbinding company dedicated to the professional presentation of everything literary from novels to pamphlets to dissertations. Having lived on Purdon Street, Glasgow, for around 15 years – and previously in Finneston, equalling 35 years of service in total – DAD know what they’re doing when it comes to making your dissertation look great. Allow me to expand.

First and foremost, a bookbinding service gets you one thing: a book. Binders will not write your thesis for you, nor will they be held responsible for any mistakes you have made in the draft that you send to them for binding. Uniquely, DAD accept online submissions meaning that if you aren’t able to make it down to the shop you can still place an order if your document is in PDF format. Other ways to place an order include bringing a memory stick down to Purdon Street directly.

Downie Allison Downie have lots of binding options, enabling you to customise everything from texture to colour, or you opt for a bog-standard product. Imagine how this will set you apart from your peers? You can even opt to have your university crest embossed onto the front of your book. What’s more is that the company holds the specification standards of each university, meaning that you only have to provide your university’s information and they will be able to accommodate your needs quickly.

Now, isn’t this all lovely so far? A family-run book binding business that is not only committed to the look and feel of your dissertation but also achieving the university’s dissertation standards whilst catering to your timing needs. Just what you needed, eh?

DAD also cater beyond the black and white page by providing services specific to art students as well. Their binding system allows for more creative customers to be completely involved in the process, offering artists the chance to design their own covers and then send them across. Art customers can also have input into the visual presentation of their books by utilising embossing, Coptic binding and a number of textiles. (You must provide these yourself.) Further still, highly customisable presentation boxes are also available to finish the look off.

It’s all to easy to hassle yourself under the pressure of a deadline, knowing that you must factor in time for your dissertation to be printed and actually delivered to the university on time. Uniquely, DAD can print your thesis for you on the same day. Granted, prices start from £49 but this a small price to pay given what you get for your money: a one-of-a-kind, shelf-worthy book delivered directly to the university. Cheaper services come in the form of next-day (£30), 2-day (£28) and 3-day (£26) printing, if you are able to get yourself in gear faster. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

If you find yourself panicking, why not venture down to Purdon Street and pay Downie Allison Downie a visit during one of their bookbinding classes? That’s right: they run a class will teach you either the art of making journals, book boxes, Coptic binding and beyond – all circulating around a tasty lunch that is provided for you.

The main thing to remember as you reach the conclusion of your degree year is that you have been working for this moment, subconsciously or not, for years. Rise above the last hurdle and secure a binding service which will do your hard work justice and help you to attain the degree classification that you deserve.


2 thoughts on “DAD Bookbinders for your Dissertation

  1. Thank you for the valuable insight, Rachael! I’m at the master’s level here in Denton, TX, but the possibility of me tackling a dissertation sometime in the near future is an exciting possibility! Also, it would be nice to visit DAD one day to see their services in person!

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