UPDATE: From June to August…

  1. Hidden Gem Charity Shops
  2. Fancy Something A Bit Different at the Fringe?
  3. Edinburgh Festival Fringe Highlights
  4. Leaving a Village for the First Time
  5. Theatre Review: The 39 Steps
  6. COMING SOON: Theatre Review: Rocky Horror Show
  7. 7 Things All Millennials Did in EK Shopping Centre
  8. EK Welcomes Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
  9. Easter Fun: Top Locations in EK This Year
  10. What to Expect From the New Starbucks in EK
  11. Five City Breaks That You Can Get To From EK Train Station
  12. 10 Indoor Adventures to Brighten a Rainy Day
  13. Join in the Relay for Life
  14. Google to Eliminate the Use of Passwords…
  15. Catch the Charity Shop Bug!

Hello all.

It’s August, so… exactly one year ago I was being published in the Daily Record. How time flies.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to update this portfolio and make it less ‘bloggy’ like I once had the time to do. *Weeps*

Rachael Rites now looks like something that more accurately represents my life right now. I.e. working, reviewing some shows, writing some features, moving house, working again and getting a bit of travel in on the sidelines.

Although I haven’t posted anything related to my portfolio since around May, and have fundamentally disappeared off the face of Twitter, I’ve still been writing a lot. Above are some links to articles which are currently available online and I’ve listed for reference’s sake.

I’d like to conclude with something along the lines of, ‘I intend to post a lot more on here’ because that’s what I’d rather be doing. However, posting about writing means less time actually writing. And with this, I leave you.

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