Cinderella wept.


‘Cinderella Wept’ by R.P.

I was inspired by blackout poetry pro Austin Kleon to give Erasure Poetry a bash for a recent creative writing assignment. 

Although in the end I decided not to include this piece in my submission, I am still pleased with how my first ever attempt at Erasure turned out. Though – I know – not the most elaborate piece, I hope to practice some more this year.

Why the Grimm’s ‘Cinderella’? I have just completed a class in Fairy Tales and Oral Narratives at university and, like many of the other participants, I was stunned to learn the true and gruesome meanings behind some of our most cherished and Disney-fied fairy tales. And, as Erasure Poetry symbolises hidden meaning in existing texts, well, I couldn’t think of a more apt starting point. 

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