To infinity… and beyond

Good morning.

It is spring. Spring is upon us. I have flowers on my window sill, like any sun-searching millenial should, and, with the clock changes at the end of March, it is noticeably starting to get lighter in the evenings. I no longer have scope to moan about leaving for work in the dark and returning from work… in the dark. As you can imagine, everyone in the United Kingdom’s moods just got a little bit more optimistic.

So, I mentioned having flowers on my window sill; they’re a wee bunch of Morrisons finest, from the reduced section no less. Once unloved but now rescued in the wake of the Easter Weekend passing. I don’t understand why they were reduced, they’re very pretty and brightly-coloured (although, I hate the green ones because they look like weeds).

A-n-y-w-a-y, flower preferences aside, I thought these would be a good way of trying out all three settings on the Lomo’Instant Wide and comparing them side-by-side as flowers, so I’m learning, offer lots of scope for detailed close ups, layered multi-exposures, and everything in between. Plus, they aren’t going to move very far in a vase, and so this helps with the fact that photography of the instant kind is a blind sport.




There are three settings built into the Lomo’Instant Wide Camera and *drum roll please* they are:

  1. 0.6mm
  2. 1-2m
  3. Infinity



This setting is for close-ups and it’s the setting I have the most bother trying to get good results from, as you will see from this image alone. It’s so difficult to know what you’re focussing on this close up when the viewfinder of the camera doesn’t match the location of the lens.




This setting is a little more forgivable and is best for taking headshots and close-ups whilst still squeezing in as much as possible.




This setting is perfect for landscapes. Nothing goes amiss whilst shooting in this setting.



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