Reusing your old film crates

Many moons ago, whilst in a Pinterest rabbit hole, I came across an image of someone using their old film packaging as a way of storing their exposures whilst on the go. It makes sense, right? All of your exposures will fit because they had to fit inside of that little hollow, black crate in the first place. I have been meaning to try this out, literally, every time I’ve changed my film but I just kept forgetting.

Alas, the day arrived yesterday when I could bring this idea into formation within the comfort of my own house where there was no wind, no faffing and no need to fire every piece of packaging into the nearest bin. And hey: it works!


It also makes for a pretty cool free standing frame! I’m going to try and paint them someday.



Cinderella Wept



I was inspired by blackout poetry pro Austin Kleon to give Erasure Poetry a bash for a recent creative writing assignment.

Although in the end I decided not to include this piece in my submission, I am still pleased with how my first ever attempt at Erasure turned out. Though – I know – not the most elaborate piece, I hope to practice some more this year.

Why the Grimm’s ‘Cinderella’? I completed a class in Fairy Tales and Oral Narratives at university and, like many of the other participants, I was stunned to learn the true and gruesome meanings behind some of our most cherished and Disney-fied fairy tales. And, as Erasure Poetry symbolises hidden meaning in existing texts, well, I couldn’t think of a more apt starting point.

‘Cinderella Wept’ by Rachael Procter | The Brothers Grimm