I currently write on a freelance basis for three organisations covering feature articlestheatre / live music /exhibition / book reviews and interviews.  

  • East Kilbride Connect: This is a brand new branch of the Evening Times and Herald Group ‘Newsquest’ which aims to engage with a local demographic – in this case, East Kilbride in Lanarkshire. East Kilbride Connect journalists publish content related to Lanarkshire, including news, lifestyle, sports and culture. This organisation is currently web-based only.


  • The Student Advertiser (TSA): Glasgow’s newest and currently largest student newspaper for events, music and student life. Having recently began to distribute in Edinburgh, The Student Advertiser is becoming bigger than ever.


  • The Strathclyde Telegraph: is my university’s student newspaper. The Telegraph enjoys engaging with all students from all disciplines and encourages them to read other students’ work as well as contribute their own submissions should they ever feel inspired to. (Features Editor for the session 2015-2016.) 



Guest posts: